Wednesday, August 02, 2006

We Went to the Zoo

I'm very tired and my brain doesn't want to come up with a catchy title for this post involving animal words, so alas, I will just announce: We Went to the Zoo.

It's very nice to live just a five minute or so drive away from the Zoo. I would have gone more these past six months if Noah hadn't become so opposed to the stroller on most days. I often thought about going, a long stroll on a nice day, neat things to see. Then those pleasant thoughts were replaces by the image of Noah clawing his way out of the stroller, running off ahead while I chase after him. Sweating.

So after many zoo invites from Sarah, I finally said: "yes". She and my friend Erica convinced me that it wouldn't be so bad, especially with their kids setting a good example on how to stay in the stroller for a while and if all else failed, Noah could run wild with three and a half year old Nolan who never roamed too far. Our friend Deadra also came along with her seventeen month old son Adam .

All went pretty well I have to say. At least better than I had expected. We took the little train out to the back of the park and walked back. Noah loved the train. With a year pass, you can just go to the zoo to ride the train and play on their huge playground or have a picnic and not worry about seeing the whole park. I think that would be nice to do.

Sure enough though, as soon as we got off the train, Noah put up a big fight to sit in the stroller. I had a hard time getting him in, but wanted to at least make a bit of head way through the park. Four minutes later we were in the middle of a pointless battle. Noah was angry and yelling and just wanted to get out. I was so disappointed, yes, my premonition had come true, he was out of the stroller and running with in five minutes. He ran away from me, out of my sight twice. I was panicked and raced after him yelling : "Noah Stop!!!" He could have cared less and turned to smile at me as he raced around the corner.

Sarah, Deadra and Erica thought that it would be a good idea to eat lunch soon after this incident, so we all walked over (I herded Noah) to one of the outdoor food pavilions. While the other children and Moms sat and ate, I chased Noah all over the courtyard. I was still annoyed at this point and thinking I hate the zoo with Noah.

Here's the ok part though. That running for a half hour must have made him a little tired because after lunch, when he did one final mad dash away from me and a Dad on the path had to catch him, I grabbed Noah and put him in the stroller. There wasn't much of a fight to get Noah in this time and he sat pretty well for the remaining half hour as Erica and I raced through the park, having to get home for other obligations.

So, I guess in the end, it was stressful, not a ton of fun, but do-able. The best part was seeing my friends which was great and I love all of their kids too. The OK part is that I now know I can still take Noah there for mini-trips. I think the fall will be wonderful at the zoo and hope to go back again soon. Well, after all of this hot weather!

This is Nolan, Noah, Joshua and Erich waiting for the train to pick us up! Poor Noah, I can never find shorts that actually fit like shorts. The 12 month size fits him pretty well in length, but he's already almost 20.5 months old and I don't want to buy such a small size which he'll grow out of quickly. I bought a bunch of 18 month size shorts in May thinking they would work. He doesn't seem to mind, except for today when he refused to wear pants, so I let him go around in just a shirt. I support his creative expression. He's so avant guarde, isn't he?

There's Erich in the yellow shirt. He is doing a bull impression. Erich is a nice little guy, he's 7 weeks older than Noah. Then there is Deadra and her son Adam and Erica with Erich and Nolan.

Down a little lower is what Noah does best at the zoo. Running away from me.

I think the true highlight of the day for Noah w
as just being able to spend time with his best friend in the world, Joshua.


Judy said...

Okay, a lot of what you said is normal, or else I have a hyper 21 month old (which I do, don't get me wrong). Tyler WILL NOT sit in the stroller at the zoo. No way. I do still take my sling for him when he gets tired, and we do have the stroller with us, but it is mainly used to haul around the cooler and the diaper bag, not a child. I found that the reason Tyler doesn't want to sit in a stroller is because most of the other people around him aren't either. And, those fences at our zoo are RIGHT IN HIS EYESIGHT, so if he is in the stroller, then he can't see squat.

Now, running away from me, yep, that would definitely be a no-no, but even today, Tyler took off through the church parking lot (aka the raceway), putting about 50 new gray hairs on my head. He must be reading your blog!

Have you thought about one of those kiddie leash thingies? Not to be mean, but just to help physically contain the kid and still give him a little freedom to roam (just not out of eyesight).


Kendra Lynn said...

Hey there. Next time I wanna go too!
I miss you guys.
Kelsey was always off and running as well. I just got used to making her sit in the stroller and letting her yell, or chase after her. Those were my two choices.
Ah well.
Someday it will be easier.


Lauren said...

Hi girls!

Judy- yes! I have a cute leash that Kendra told me about actually. It looks like a teddy bear that gives the toddler a hug and the leash looks like a tail. I like it and sometimes Noah will walk along with it on, but more often he doesn't want it on. I'll keep using it though.

Kendra- Hi! I'm sorry, I would have invited you if it was my own "get together", but I was invited by Sarah and Deadra. Also I only had an hour to hang out before I needed to get home. Of course it took me forever and I was over a half hour late getting back.
Let's make some plans and go to the zoo soon! That would be nice.

Kendra Lynn said...

No problem. I'll be waiting for an invite! :)
I love ya.

p.s. the girls were looking at pics of Noah the other day and said they wanna go see him soon. :)

Laura said...

An annual pass to the zoo is something that I want to get for the girls. We took Caitie for the first time awhile back and she had a blast. Of course, she's a lot older than Noah so I wasn't chasing her, too much. Can I offer a suggestion? Have you thought about getting a wagon for Noah (or do you have one already)? Caitie hated sitting in the stroller at Noah's age too and we found that it was because she couldn't see all around her (the stroller making it impossible for her to see what was right beside her or behind her). She got a Radio Flyer (plastic) wagon for her 2nd birthday and it worked like a charm. She would happily sit in it for hours on end and we went everywhere and I think it was because she could see everything. We even had a choice of which way she could face. I love the wagon 'cause it has seats and drink holders and plenty of room for cargo. Soon, we'll have two little girls in it. Too bad they don't make wagons carseat adaptable! Anyway, just my two cents about that...not sure if it'll help you with Noah. True, a wagon is a lot more to haul around but it might be worth it?