Friday, June 09, 2006

Behold, the Meeting of the Mushrooms!

Hey, remember THIS post? The one where I acted like a total dork because I didn't want Melissa from Suburban Bliss to see me with a hair cut like a mushroom? Then she posted THIS post about my post?

Well, it turns out that we have both been invited by a mutual friend to little Anzu's first birthday party. By the way, Anzu is just too adorable, I swear. The problem is, is that I will as it turns out, have to meet my literary idol with indeed a mushroom on my head. Thankfully Melissa sent me an e-mail when she realized we would both be going. It was something to the effect that we could try not to talk to each other and hide our mushroom-like hair cuts from each other. For some unknown reason, even to myself, I then replied something like we could drink a lot together and cry over how much we hated our hair and then I would circle the fat on my arms with a pen for her. I don't know exactly what I meant other than illustrating how dumb it is to hate one's flaws. Stupid yes, but unavoidable, no.

So, please stay tuned as we might each blog about the "Meeting of the Mushrooms" in a week. And please read THIS post and THIS post by Melissa about her trip to Chicago last week with the girls. It cracked me up. Gosh I wish I could feel free enough to release my inner potty mouth!


Judy said...

Not only should you guys meet, but you should have your picture made together - your hair isn't THAT bad! I kind of like it!

Dutch said...

I saw her a couple days ago. I don't remember any mushroominess. so maybe you'll be the only mushroom, which will prevent the "two chicks wearing the same dress" phenomenon and allow you to bask in all the glory of sole mushroominess.

Lauren said...

Oh God Dutch, that's so nasty! Actually, I just got my mushroom fixed and as for Melissa, she used to have a PTA-like mushroom, but you're right, that was a long time ago. Mushroom is a metafore for, I hate my new hair cut.

By the way, welcome to the D. ! :)