Saturday, May 13, 2006


For the past couple of weeks Noah has been learning a whole bunch of new words. I'd make an audio post of them but he doesn't often say them on command. That's ok, I try not to be one of those Mom's who makes their baby "preform" for other's. I remember years ago I knew a woman who ever time I saw her, would try to get her toddler to say words for me. Time and time again she would prompt the poor kid who would very reluctantly say the words or make the animal sounds or sing the songs that she wanted him to say to me. I felt bad for him.

So here's just a written list of some of the best new words:
"Nana" (my Mom)
and my favorite............................
"xie-xie" (Mandarin Chinese for "Thank you")
Noah walked in one day and said "xie-xie". I was floored and had no idea where he learned it. I think I've said it before just playing around but not enough for him to pick up on it. Then I remembered that he likes watching PBS's "Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat". It's about a little cat in ancient China and they always say "xie-xie". Pretty cool stuff, huh!?


Kendra Lynn said...

The girls have this cute book on tape called, "What is Your Language?" They listen to it over and over again. They are learning "yes" in ten different languages. I love it. :)


Judy said...

We love the kitty cat show! See? TV IS educational! Hope you are having a simply splendid day.