Monday, May 29, 2006

Toddler Friends

We had a fun time today with Nate, Sarah and Joshua. When it cooled down a little, we met up at a great park near Nate and Sarah's house and then let the boys run through the sprinkler. Unfortunatly the fun ended when we had to go home because Noah pushed Joshua for the third time in a half hour. Noah isn't doing it to be mean, he just gets worked up and pushes because, well, I guess because he can. We left though, three pushes are three pushes too many. He'll learn sometime.

It's funny, I've watched the boys grow and change together. They're only 12 days apart and have always been very different temperment wise. It's getting pretty evident now. Joshua and Noah compliment each other very well, they are so adorable together and I love them both very much. They're night and day though, it's surprising how different they are. Joshua is so laid back and Noah is always "on".
I'm so glad though, that they have each other as friends, just like how glad Jon and I are to have Nate and Sarah in our lives too!
Looking back at these pictures, at the past 18 months, it makes me both sad to see how quickly the boys have grown and happy, just to be part of it.

For the complete set of Joshua and Noah pics, go HERE.


Judy said...

ohmygoodness - those are some awesome pictures! You are all so blessed to have wonderful friends like that close by!

Noah and Joshua being different is wonderful. You wouldn't want them to be the same. It is like you said, they complement each other.

About the pushing - get ready. It is sometimes very hard to remember, but physical responses are sometimes the only way (or the easiest way) our young children can communicate with others...pushing, biting, hitting - Tyler is a big hitter. He hits me, he hits his brother, he hits pretty much everyone. And, it is usually one of three reasons - we're not paying attention to him, he's hungry (or tired), or he's trying to tickle. To him, hitting is tickling. It still isn't right and we correct him, but I also have to remind myself (and Travis since he's usually the target, too) that he isn't doing it to be mean...he just doesn't have the words yet to tell us otherwise.

Judy said...

By the way, I looked at the "Anatomy of a Cupcake Meltdown" on your flickr account - that is TOO funny! Noah is not alone. Tyler will get up in the morning, eat somewhat of a breakfast, but mainly piddle. Then, no more than 45 minutes later, he runs to the pantry, flings open the door and starts yelling, "Nak! Nak!" (snack). Uh, no buddy. It is 8:10 and it is NOT snack time. Let the tears begin. Screams, fists, kicking, throwing, oh yes, even throwing. Stand back because it ain't pretty, and it goes on until snack time does roll around, about 10 or so, unless I can distract him with an errand, a walk, or a book.

Oh, those tantrums...aren't they FUN???????? At least you made good use of Noah's with the camera! I had never thought to capture it on film!

Kendra Lynn said...

Its so nice that Noah and Joshua have each other. I"m glad Merry and kelsey are that way as well.
I think Noah will start learning that pushing is not a good idea...especially when Joshua figures out he can push back! LOL
Kids are so great.
Miss you.

Sarah said...

Okay is it just me, or can you hear the lyrics to Queen's "You're my best friend" in the background?

You're the best friend
that I ever had
I've been with you such a long time
You're my sunshine
Oooooh you're my best friend

It's probably just me...

I have to say, these made me very sentimental. Remember when they sat still? Remember how light they were? Ahh...those were the days.