Monday, May 29, 2006

A Proud Noah Moment

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Once again, I'm very sorry, but please let a proud Mom gloat. We were very happy today when Noah made his first three word sentence: "Go bye-bye Nana." Which doesn't mean that Nana went bye-bye, that would be "bye-bye Nana". What he was saying was that he wanted to go bye-bye to Nana's. Noah is huge on bye-bye right now. He'll suddenly declare "go bye-bye" and grab our hand while running to the door. He likes car rides a lot. Thank you for humoring me.


Judy said...

YAY Noah!

Tyler is stringing paragraphs together, but we have absolutely no clue what he is saying. It is all gibberish, and then some. What I would do for one understandable thought from that child!

Bree said...

So cute! Now you have remember to stop cursing when you get cut off in the car, unless you want a child with VERY colorful launguage like Jack!

Kendra Lynn said...

Yay! You go, Noah...lovin' it that you are starting to talk. Now you and Kelsey can spend lots of time conversing. :)

Auntie Kendra