Sunday, May 28, 2006

It was 89 Degrees Today, Enough Said.


Judy said...

Girl, I *wish* it was only 89 degrees here!

What a cutie - I am assuming you left the diaper on for modesty's sake? At our house, it is nekkid-city as long as the camera isn't out - I'm not wasting a diaper or a swim diaper on a sprinkler in the back yard!

Lauren said...

You crack me up Judy! Actually, yesterday he ran through the sprinkler "au natural". Today we left the diaper on. He has a cute pair of swimming trunks, but it's just too hot! I was too lazy to dig out the Nemo swim diapers.

Poor Judy, how hot was it down in TX today!?

Kendra Lynn said...

LOL...I love girls love to get in the wading pool. Its over 80 here in NJ today...we are going to let them play in the water as we barbeque tonight. :)

Judy said...

Girl, if it is ever below 95 degrees here, we call it a cold front!

Actually, we had huge storms in the vicinity today (but not here), so it did cool down to about 88 degrees around 5 this evening.