Thursday, May 11, 2006

Checking In

I haven't written a post since April 25, and I feel like I am finally above water enough to tip-tap a few lines. What's up? Plenty:
  • Work, man. Business is super busy right now, but that means there's no time to write down witty anecdotes and observations - there aren't any! I spend all day rocking my keyboard or tearing apart phone cases looking for flaws in the stitching (there aren't any. We're thorough). When I'm not polishing our latest license application, I'm scouring LinkedIn for new business. If you haven't used it, it's basically friendster for salarypeople, and it rocks. If you want to be my contact, text me email me. After I finish this post I have 675 message in my inbox I need to answer, so I need to be brief.

  • Gardening: Yesterday I cut down a tree! It sucked. I felt awful to do it, but there are a couple behind my garage that are going to ruin it if they don't come down. I had such mixed feelings - on the one hand it's pretty impressive to cut down a tree, but on the other hand it's heartbreaking to cut down a tree. And did you ever try to fit a tree in a lawn waste bag? It's doable, but you are going to spend a lot of time clipping, take my word for it. At any rate it's May, time to get the yard in shape. Can't have the neighbors talking.
  • Basketball. Not playing it, even though I'm unstoppable. Right now Detroit is watching the Pistons, and that beats blogging. Since there's a break until we beat the Cavs on Saturday, I have some time to write. If they to win this series in 4 games my colleague Roger has to buy me Korean barbecue at Shilla (which is a 4-star restaurant, the Metro Times doesn't know what it's talking about). Stay tuned for the pictures

  • Watching my Netflix movies so I can send them back. Who wants to keep "Swimming with Sharks" for three weeks? Not me. Anyway, in the last couple of months I've watched that, Tin Men, American Graffiti (finally), Wake Up, Ron Burgundy, The Aristocrats, Chinatown, I Remember Mama, Sin City, Dark Passage (see it), Vertigo, and Biggie & Tupac. There's no point in having the subscription if you're not going to use it. Lauren's watched some stuff too, but you'd have to ask her about it. Our film tastes diverge sometimes.

  • Reading other blogs: There are some I read every day - jalopnik, autoblog, Oliver Willis, and, the "SF Bay Area Home Price and Mortgage Insanity Blog." Speaking of, if there's any equity in our house, I'm taking it out to get this. Don't tell Lauren.


Judy said...

LAUREN!!! LAUREN!!!! Jon's spending all your unseen money!

Had to tattle - you are the one that brought it up! :-)

As for the Pistons, glad you are having a good time watching them...WHEN they play Dallas or San Antonio, I hope they give these Texas boys a whoopin'. I'm so tired of basketball here I could puke. It is like nothing else exists - who cares what the weather is doing, let's talk basketball - NOT! Sorry...whatever fan base I had for basketball went away when I moved to San Antonio.

Laura said...

Where would you haul the boat to in order to get some decent water? The Detroit River?
Just curious. The only craft that I've ever owned was a canoe, lots of nice rivers up North for that. :)

Jeremy said...

Chris Craft - if you're gonna buy a boat, might as well buy the best, plus, support a local legend.

Kristin said...

So, in all your busyness, you may not have been able to catch "My Super Sweet Sixteen" the other night, but the girl was from Bloomfield Hills and her party was at The Community House. I thought of you guys right away!

Jonathan said...

Nuts. They always replay it though.