Tuesday, April 11, 2006


We know that kids are into yogurt. Noah sure seems to love it. I like it too but I worry about sugar, preservatives and non-organic dairy products. It also costs a lot of money.

That's where my new toy comes in. I have wanted a yogurt maker for a while, but there was this whole cost/benefit thing going on in my head. Yesterday I was placing an order on Amazon for some new card scanners for work, and I saw that this yogurt machine was 40% off. I figure it's worth a $15 gamble to see if I can crank out some low-fat organic yogurt for the family. I'm really excited about making some flavors that you don't get at the grocery store - almond avocado, EVOO, chocolate-orange, Meyer lemon etc., but I think Noah will stick with fruit. The reviews also said you could freeze this for frozen yogurt, but I'm not getting my hopes up. If I can replace some of our commerical consumption with something nutritious and organic, I'm happy.


Judy said...

We're yogurt hounds here, too - all sorts of nutritional benefits to eating the stuff! Good luck on your culinary adventure!

Lauren said...

You bought a yogurt maker?
Can it make "Thick and Creamy Yoplait"?

Jonathan said...

Sure can. You can just supplement the recipe with a little milk powder and it will be thicker.

Kendra Lynn said...

I'm not a big yogurt fan, but Kelsey and Scott LOVE it. :)
Sounds like fun.
Lauren, did you check out Merry riverdancing on my site yet?

Love ya.

Laura said...

Oh cool! Be sure to let us all know if it works well. Caitie is a yogurt-aholic too...we probably support one of Yoplait's plants! :)

meagan said...

i hate rachel ray. adam works with a girl who is her twin.

evoo. i double-dog-dare you to eat a pint of evoo yogurt.

Jonathan said...

I'm going to! Think about it: if yogurt is good for you, and olive oil is good for you, combining them will create the most powerful food ever created. Can't wait to pull a locomotive with my teeth.