Saturday, April 15, 2006

That is One Cool Thing

There is a park near our home that just got some new playground equipment and they put in this very bizarre "thing". It's this purple head on two pipes for legs and I love it. You turn this guy's nose six times and then he makes a loud "BEEP"!!! Then you speak into his mouth. Next you hear the sound of a generator turning on, some whirling and a buzz and then what you had said into his mouth moments ago. Weird, huh? There is something about this guy though....something familiar. I can't put my finger on it, but thought I'd share the coolness of this Thing.


Kendra Lynn said...

Very cool! :)
How was Passover?

Love ya.

Lauren said...

Hi! Passover was really nice. The food was super good and it was very very wonderful to see everyone. Jon has the nicest family, they are all so warm. I like that. The seder didn't seem as long this time because I was chasing Noah around. I kind of wish we could skip the seder until he's old enough to sit through most of it. Then we could relax and actually get in more than one bite of each food.

Judy said...

That is one cool playground toy!