Monday, April 10, 2006

Proof that I Totaly Can't Spell

As HB reader Sarah has pointed out to me before, my posts often have a spelling mistake or two...well, actually, three or four..... Look, I'm not a good speller AND the spellcheck function on blogger doesn't work for some reason. Not to mention I either only have time to post A.) late at night when I'm exhausted or B.)while being ran circles around by a toddler. So, being insecure about my spelling abilities to begin with, you can only imagine how upset I was when Jon told me Boca, as in Boca Raton, FL was spelled "Boca", not "Bocca".

We went to Michael's Craft Store this weekend to use a 50% off coupon on something for Noah's train set. On the way to the train isle, Noah, for some unexplainable reason, was completly taken with $1 foam visors. Yeah, I have no idea. So yesterday I decided to decorate his foam visor, you know, kind of personalize this fashion statement. I thought he looked like a Bubby in Boca in it, so I wrote "Bocca or Bust". Oh well...Noah will never notice it's spelled wrong, heck, people who can't spell like me won't notice either. I also painted a teeny, tiny tote bag for him too. It's 6"x 5.5" and so cute. Noah's been carrying our Trader Joes grocery bag tote around, so now he has a purse, I mean TOTE of his own.


Jonathan said...

1. It is not a purse, it is definitely a man-tote.

2. In this post about spelling you spell "aisle," "isle."

Judy said...



ilyushka said...

oh yeah, in new york, all the boys are wearing man totes, its all the rage, and for some reason they all have the word "KESHET" on them, i'm not sure what that is though...

Kendra Lynn said...

Okay, Auntie Lauren:
Merry and Kelsey need girlie totes...if you want to give them something sometime. :) LOL That is so cute!
And I don't care how you spell things.
I never (hardly ever) misspell anything...but I'm one of the few.
Don't worry about it. :)
Its all good.

Love ya.

Jeremy said...

Shouldn't it be "totally" with two Ls?

Unless that was on porpoise.