Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Orange Twirl

Springtime in Detroit means ice cream, usually soft-serve, and any nice night you can find people lined up outside Dairy Mat, Frozen Custard, Frostie Treats, Ray's, Dairy Deluxe, Stroh's, Famous Flavors, Dairy Treats, Frosty Freeze, Dairy Bar, and the ubiquitous DQ, B-R, and Coldstone, not to mention the gelato shops rapidly multiplying in our downtowns.

Above is the orange twist from Dairy Mat, which happens to be my personal favorite, but I do like a chocolate frozen custard too. Or chocolate ice cream, or chocolate twist. I usually don't get much plain vanilla. The really cool thing is that many of these places are in direct competition, being within a half mile or so of each other on Woodward, but they're all always busy, and each of them has something different and good to offer.


Judy said...

Now THAT is yummy! Like an orange creamsicle!

Kendra Lynn said...

That looks tremendously good. I've never had an orange twist, but boy, I wanna try one now!

Jeremy said...

I'd probably go to more ice cream stands if they had free wi-fi.