Saturday, April 01, 2006

Make that a Cold One

I was never a drinker. Ask my friends from college how often I went on tri-weekly trips out to the bar. Rarely. Partly my ADD induced fear of sitting or standing in one place for hours, partly my dislike of all tastes alcohol. I just wasn't a drinker.

That is until now. I haven't drank in over two and a half years. I took a few sips once, but really, I haven't had a single drink since February 2004. I got pregnant, so I didn't drink, and then I was on the zoloft, so I still didn't drink. For some strange, unexplicable reason, I wanted a beer the other night. Me, beer? Yes, beer. And yes, sad but true, it was a Miller Lite.

But it was......Good....

I was shocked, I was drunk, I forgot about my stress, my anxiety, heck! I forgot about my manners and proceeded to say vulgar things to Paul's new girlfriend. I was uncouth, bad-mannered and foul, or at least I imagined myself to be in the moment. We all had fun.

And you know what? From now on, I'd like to play Bree Van De kamp, the secretly drinking desperate housewife at least once a week.

Anyone up for a cold one?

(Calm down....I'm joking. But I do like beer now)


Judy said...

Okay, I'll let you drink a beer, but PLEASE make it something DECENT! LOL

Kendra Lynn said...

LOL...I cannot imagine liking the taste of beer. I got hit in the head once (waiting in line at Dairy Queen) with a half-full can of beer. I blacked out for a second, I remember seeing the can fall from my head to the ground. The weird thing is that I didn't hear a sound from the moment the can hit my head until the moment it hit the ground.
I had beer in my hair, all over my face and my clothes. Can't stand the smell of it now.
But if you want one...go ahead. :)
Love ya.

Jeremy said...

Hey, it's Miller Time!

Forget all your elitist socialite friends and come drink Miller with us sometime.

Craig said...

I too have to defend Miller Lite's good name. I've had many a good, loud night in ML's company. Treat Miller well, and he'll do the same in kind.

Jonathan said...

I have to come to Miller Lite's defense too. After you mow the lawn you don't want something complicated with "hoppy aroma" and "complex caramel malt undertones." You want something cold and sudsy. I like High Life and Rolling Rock myself.

Jeremy said...

High Life *is* the champagne of beers!

meagan said...

yes, i quite enjoy the champagne of beers as well. yes, as jeremy put it...

come back to the 'hood and whoop it up domestic style. i'll have one with you, but then i'll have to break out the wine of you all would think less of me. the only beer that i actually really love is red stripe.

we'll make it an annual event... come to the vanovers family fun for everyone. haha

iamalexis! said...

Hi lauren:)
Your eyes look good in that picture:) What kind of mascara do you use?

Lauren said...

OK, Miller Lite IS good. I liked it. I'd rather drink real champagne though. In college, when I actually did drink, it was champagne. I had a lot of disposable income back then so I drank champagne with apricot juice and ate too much sushi.

Alexis! Thanks. You like my Tammy Faye's!? I think they are too spidery. I use a cheapo mascara.. Cover Girl, the one in the purple tube, washable waterproof. By the way, I love your blog!

Jeremy said...

I saw someone drinking Miller Lite 23oz. specials last night at Mongolian BBQ!!!

You saucy minx.