Saturday, April 01, 2006


Lauren and I are taking a break from watching "The Squid and the Whale" (this is some kind of weird movie) and while she's getting a drink I'm looking at our friend George's blog.

The first time I ever had dinner with George (and maybe the first time I met him, I can't remember) was at Lauren's house, before we were married. Her parents were up north or something, and George comes over and pulls a giant cast iron skillet out of the back of his Honda. He made phenomenal pan-seared steaks, they were just excellent. He eats his mostly raw inside with a crust, which is OK if that's your thing. The important thing is getting that skillet so hot you can't put it back in your trunk for at least an hour before you slap the steaks down. He stank up the whole kitchen with smoke (and Lauren's mom has a serious range hood) but it was totally worth it (hey, I don't have to live there).

I'm trying to decide if being able to eat like he gets to would be worth living in New York City. I mean, look at this. Or this. Or this, this, this, or this. Seriously, this is out of control George. You need some roughage.


Judy said...

So is George on some mutant version of Atkins diet? That is some serious protein! WOW!

George, one word for you - Citrucel.

lifeindaburbs said...

i love it! thanks jon. what can i say, steaks taste good.
but seriously, i do have salads and veggies quite a bit these days.
and i keep the red meat intake to once or twice a week.... perhaps that's why when ever i do eat it, i have that urge to post it and talk about how delicious it was.
it's just so darn good.
and don't get me started on the japanese beef... that's for another time.