Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Who Cares?

Hi. Thank you to my friends who have commented so far on the "I am Who I am " post so far. This is just what I want this blog to be, an open forum for discussion. I have always been an open person, interested in new views and opinions. I always want to learn more and expand my mind. I can't tell you how happy I am to have a rainbow of friends. From different religions, to nationalities and species. Yes, some of my friends are animals. So please know that at least for me, you are always welcome to state your opinion. We may not agree, we might agree, but I still respect and love you as a friend. Differences are cool!

Ok, so, we were talking about Wiccans who by the way are NOT generally evil and into dark stuff. Those are Santanists. Wiccans derive spirituality through nature around them which is quite peaceful I might say. Well, so if a person worships nature and not the Torah or the Bible or the Koran or Vishnu, then they go against your beliefs, which leads me to say a big...................................................... WHO CARES!!??

I don't get it, if some one is different..... like, SO WHAT!?
If you are a Santanist,that's scary to me, but do what you want.
If you are a Wiccan, great, have fun being you.
If you are gay, sweet. I hope you have a nice boyfriend/girlfriend/partner.
If you don't keep kosher, ok, yeah, I'll have some pepperoni on my pizza too.
If you're not baptized, great than we both won't go to hell together.

What I'm trying to say is, is it's really good to have your own personal beliefs, but we shouldn't care if some one is different or worry about others who's beliefs and lifestyles are different. Why do people care so much about what other people do in their private lives?

I am NOT saying by the way that my friends look down upon others, my very different friends love me the way I am and I think they are kind and open minded people.....but for those of you who may come across this blog and read these posts and not like people who are different, just take a moment and ask, why do you need to care about others and what they do in their private lives.

Is this too sensational? I'm not trying to pick any fights. I genuinely am trying to understand this facet of human behavior. Maybe there is a reason I should care that let's say, my friend is gay or that I love Halloween. I am open to input, but for my opinion, tolerance is so important in the persuit of a peaceful world. :)


Jonathan said...


Judy said...

Okaaaaaay...did I miss a post? Hang on - let me see if I can find it...

Kendra Lynn said...

My dad always says,
"Do EVERYTHING in moderation". I try to live my life by that little motto. Live in moderation, talk in moderation (which is extremely difficult for me), exercise in moderation. LOL
You get try to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY and be accepting of my friends...even if our beliefs differ. :)
Jesus loved everyone...why shouldn't I?

Anonymous said...


Lauren said...

Well said Kendra! I agree. I need to eat girl scout cookies in moderation!

Annonymous, what do you mean?....I just meant that people who worship the devil and demons are satanists and that wiccans are those that worship the what? Nature, the order of the universe?

Anonymous said...

Jonathan wrote "Word"....
Just picked out the word - I thought he meant one was mispelled.
That's all.

Daniel said...

For what its worth, Lauren, and just to stir the pot a little, your views on organized religion, in addition to being similar to mine, are actually remarkably similar to the official position of the Church of Satan:

"The Church of Satan draws its name from the Christian concept of Satan, and claims that every individual can be his or her own god and is responsible for his or her own destiny. ("Satan" in their usage denotes a symbol and metaphor rather than a literal anthropomorphic deity.) People who follow this belief system are called "Satanists"."

More information can be found on the Wiki article here:

Lauren said...

Ha ha Daniel,

Do you want to freak everyone out!? You've freaked me out now.

Wait, you're going to be a rabbi, are saying, since you stated we have similar beliefs, that you could be almost labeled a satanist yourself?

The difference between that definition and what I believe (an what I am guessing you believe) is that I don't worship myself, I believe there is a God out there. I just don't believe that God always choses my path, I do.

Dude, way to stir it up.