Thursday, March 23, 2006

Well, at Least one of us is Laughing

Jon is in the other room. He is in there alone because honestly, I didn't really want to watch his latest Netflix movie...."Wake Up Ron Burgundy". You know, it's like Part two from "Anchorman; The Legend of Ron Burundy". Um yeah, I'll PASS! It's funny though, one time when I was about seven, my brother, Father and I were upstairs and my Mom was downstairs cleaning in the kitchen, she was singing. Just as my brother and I were about to storm downstairs and get in her way, my Dad smiled and said; "Your Mom must be happy, she's singing. Let's leave her alone for a while.". It's funny because now I get that. Jon is in the other room, laughing and laughing at this moving. He sounds really happy and that makes me smile.

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Judy said...

It is a give and take. I keep waiting for my part to take to come up. Unfortunately, I have a 17 month old growth attached to my hip lately, and even Daddy isn't good enough. Uggggggghhhh