Friday, March 31, 2006

So Long!

I just had the oil in my Integra changed for the last time as a courtesy to the new owner. I feel pretty sad about parting with it, but I'm glad it's going to a new home where it will be appreciated. It will be the first time since I graduated from college that I won't have something fun in the garage. It's a bummer.

In this instance though, I'm paying to insure a car I don't drive much, and my baby needs (literally) new shoes. So I'm doing the right thing and letting go. It's funny how much attachment we place on metal and glass and rubber, but I feel like I'm selling my youth. It hurts a little.

The irony is that this is a car I never wanted - I bought it to replace my late 2000 Honda Civic Si (another great car) which was destroyed by a Detroit city bus in 2001. I got a used Acura, a broken knee and a lawsuit against the city out of the experience. It was bad, but I'm over it.

Lauren and I went to San Francisco in this car, and we transported a cat and a guinea pig cross-country twice. I got a new clutch because of California street, and when Noah was born I stuck it in the garage and got a big, clunky Jeep to haul baby stuff around. Not sexy, but voluminous.

It's going to someone who who likes and understands it, and he's flying in from Washington DC tonight to pick it up. Tomorrow at 8am we'll exchange paperwork, and he'll be out of here. So long car! Bye-bye 23 year-old me! Hello new 22-year old owner! Condition the leather! Use synthetic oil! And she takes premium dude! Premium!!!!

Things will be OK though. I just noticed there's this purple 1974 Trans Am for sale right across from my office....

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Update: Well, it's out of here, and it's OK. It turns out I'm not even 30, so I might have been a little premature in waving good-bye to being young, and instead of a vacuum where the car was, there is a space to put stuff! Like the cars in the driveway! This is a good thing, one that I'm sure my next-door neighbor with the perfect yard will appreciate. It was fun while it lasted though.


Laura said...

I know how you feel. I once rented a Audi TT convertible and now drive a Grand Am. While it's not as cool as your Jeep (wanna trade?), it's still a step away from "singletown" and towards parenthood.
Now, I'm doomed to a life of cracker crumbs on the backseat and fingerprints on the windows. Oh, but it's a sweet life! :)

Judy said...

Oh, you boys and your toys.

Scott is STILL pining for the 1987 Jeep CJ7 I "made" him sell when we moved. Never mind the fact that the brakes were bad, there was no a/c (and you HAVE to have a/c in Texas), the radio had been stolen, and the clutch was slipping.

*sigh* I really miss that old piece of junk!