Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Post Holiday Clearance Blowout!

The other day Lauren wrote a post about Noah's new train set. This afternoon on my gmail account there was an ad for the Post Holiday Clearance Blowout! on BRIO stuff on a web site that sells a ton of the stuff. Having had nothing at all to do with this purchase, I'm blown away both by what's available and by what an investment this stuff is if your kids gets the Thomas the Tank Engine bug (thanks Nana!). Sure "Bulgy the Double-Decker Bus" seems like a steal at $6.95 on clearance, but the engine shed is pricey. Don't even get me started on the suspension bridge. I will say that this looks like an opportunity to stock up on basic track pieces at half off, so we can build a giant set that runs through the whole house. If you're pining for the Big City Engine, now's your chance.


Kendra Lynn said...

LOL>..let me tell ya...Thomas the Tank stuff is EXPENSIVE! We let the grandparents buy the girls their stuff. Scott did buy a roundhouse or whatever it is called for the girls, but he got whatever off-brand it is that is cheaper. I'll ask him. Some of the off-brand stuff fits with Thomas and Brio, I believe.

Judy said...

Okay, I just spent enough to get free shipping from them....THAAAAAAANKS!!!

Try eBay - I bought a roundhouse off of there for $19 - it was a store model, but it is in great shape and the boys have so much fun with it - much better than the $80 retail tag it carries!

TBG said...

I found you through Judy. I will say there is Thomas Mania in my family. My mom has a ton and my nephews each have it at their houses. We have spent a few college education on this stuff. My two nephews (my brother has a little boy and my sister has a little boy) that is all they play with. Everything is Thomas hence Thomas Mania