Monday, March 06, 2006


Crunchy battered coating
With choice of sauce
or Honey
or Barbecue
But not Teriyaki
But hardly forgotten)
Crispy Golden Coating
Tender white meat chicken
Good, but not what it used to be
I still love you

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Kendra Lynn said...

What a coincidence! The girls and I had McNuggets for lunch today. LOL
I must admit...I still like them...sometimes nothing will do but McDonald's. Isn't that awful?

It was wonderful to meet you yesterday. :)
Hope to see you again soon.


Jonathan said...

Yup, we had a nice time too. Great singing yesterday.

Kendra Lynn said...

Thanks...I'm just glad I made it through without completely losing what little voice I had! LOL
I was proud of my choir though...they really did a great job.