Thursday, March 23, 2006

My Therapy Buddy!

I was just watching "American Inventor" when I saw THIS product: My Therapy Buddy!
Oh!!! I love this so much! The judges were brutal to MTB's inventor, but you know what? I liked him! MTB is a big stuffed guy that is soft to the touch and hugs you. Press his foot and hear the soothing phrase: "Everything is going to be ok.".

No, seriously, for people like me, MTB would be helpful. I still sleep with my blankey every night. Jon really doesn't like her, my blankey that is. Maybe he would like MTB sleeping with us better. At $69.99, I can't really cough up the cash right now, but for half the price of one therapy session, My Therapy Buddy is worth it! I really really really think I would bennefit from a therapy buddy to love and love me back. (hint hint)


Kendra Lynn said...

you still sleep with your blanky? I would if I could.
I had this great stuffed dog, one that my "witch" aunt(you know who I'm talking about) made me. I loved doggy.
But I had to give him up when I realized that Scott probably wouldn't welcome him into our bed.
So sad.
Oh well....Merry and Kelsey can sleep with their cuddly's forever if they want.
I'm all for security.

Judy said...

We're all about the lovey here...good times.