Thursday, March 23, 2006

Le Creuset, anata ga iite hoshii

Originally uploaded by How Bourgeois.
I love you my juicy Le Creuset pumpkin. I love you and I don't even know why, but I do and that's all that matters.

Le Creuset, ai shitteru. Anata no ashi ga kusai, demo.......
Anta, anata ga iite hoshii!
En ga arimasu ne...nee!!!!
Uchi no teo nigirunoga.
Saigo no kisu wa ka ba tabako no flavor ga shita
Nigakute setsunai kaori

Ashita no imagoro ni wa
Anata wa doko ni irun darou
Dare wo omotterun darou


Kendra Lynn said...

Okay...I am all for knowing foreign languages...but I am regretting to tell you that I don't know Japanese, and I wish that you would translate for me. Please?

lifeindaburbs said...

i love it.. your random romaji sentences are the best.

Lauren said...

Well...half is from a song, but this is what I wrote, being that I could only remember a select number of words so late at night. My brain was ready to go to sleep.

Le Creuset, I love you.
Your feet are stinky but, it's destiny that we are together anyway.
It's you, you who I want.
Please hold my hand.

Blah , blah, blah... I remember the first time we kissed, it tasted like tabacco.

Don't ask.

Kendra Lynn said...

LOL..okay...sorry I asked. :)
I miss ya.

Judy said...

Pffffft! I was thinking the same thing as Kendra, then I saw her question and your response...bwahaha!

Le Creuset...YOU ROCK!

(I don't own one, but I'm sure if it can smell like feet and taste like tobacco and you still like it, it must be good)