Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My Newest Want, Not Need

Oy vey! Yet another "Want" in my life. I definitly have all my "needs" met, but I've found a really neat store and it has become my latest shopping fantasy. Notice I say "fantasy" as I'm not out shopping, just home on the internet drooling over their clothing. Max Studio is not outragous looking, nor pink and girlie like most of my clothes. These pieces don't speak volumes when you enter the room or sparkle with many a sequin. What really attracts me to the clothing is that they stand out with small, interesting details that you don't find in other garments. For example, petite pleats tucked just so, modern looking yokes on shirts and touches of smocking in just the right places.Fine fabrics in lush colors and understatedly modern prints. The best part, Max Studio clothing is always on sale! Not the scary, expensive store I once thought it was, you can find great deals both online and in store! So check it out, you just might find yourself drooling over Max Studio too!
Some of my fav picks below...


Judy said...

I really like that third one over up top - and the one next to it is cute, but I can't think about cute slinky stuff like that with my winter "layer" on!

Kendra Lynn said...

I found several skirt that I liked at the site...even made up a wishlist. LOL Don't know if I'll ever purchase anything from there...but who knows???

See you tomorrow.