Sunday, February 26, 2006


When I was a little girl, the nickname that my perdiatrician gave me was "Mouth". I guess even as a toddler, it was easy to see that I loved to talk. As with then and still now, I sometimes just don't know how to stop talking.

Noah didn't start talking late nor early for a boy, just about right. I didn't expect him to be a "mouth" but perhaps more of a mix of Jon and I. Jon's parents told me that he began speaking a bit on the later end of the scale, but when he started talking, it was in sentences! What a surprise that must have been! Little Jonathan knew how to talk all along and was just waiting for something good to say.

So recently, when Noah's vocabulary had really started to growing, I realized I should take a good inventory of what he says. It's been so much fun for me because personally, I think language and communication with your child is really bonding. So, here's a list of what Noah likes to say. Some we hear many times a day, some words only every few days. Some are clearly spoken and others, well, they need some work. No matter, we are very proud.

Noah's Favorite Words:

"Bye"-This is perhaps his favorite. It has been "bye-bye" with a wave, but now he also includes a very cool and grown-up "byeeeeee". He's trying to act like he's cool when he says it like that.

"Mama and Dada"
"Toot-toot"- for trains. Thomas is his newest obsession
"uh-oh"- whenever he drops something or slams a door or does something else he shouldn't do. Jon and I had no idea where he learned this and then we realized....Teletubbies!
"Roof-roof" and "Meeeeeoooow" , what "Dog"s and "Kitty"s say.
"Two" and "three"- uhhh...we are still waiting for him to say one.
"Yeah"!!!!- usually screamed with his arms in the air
"Brrrrrmmmm"-for cars
"Hi"-when he's trying to be suave.


Kendra Lynn said... cute! I love hearing little ones start talking...its such fun.

Judy said...

That is AWESOME - take your list with you to the ped at the 15 month visit, because they may ask what words he's using. Tyler's not talking that much, but he's got that second child syndrome where the older kid does all the talking, poor thing. One of these days he's going to open up and spew sentences at us, and I'll be in shock for weeks.