Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I'm a Massive Screw Up

I write a public apology about as often as the Lions win a playoff game, which is to say not often, but I really messed up. Lauren and my second anniversary is today, and I am generally blowing it. Let's run through the list, shall we?

1. Did not get the day off
2. Not getting the day off resulted in dinner/travel plans becoming impractical
3. As consolation for dinner/travel plans becoming impractical, attempted to surprise fabulous, understanding wife with early gift. Surprise turned out to be that I had already gifted the same (admittedly lovely) item previously, diminishing specialness all around and generally putting me, um, here.
4. Ultimately, blown special gift opportunity and canceled travel plans serve as painful reminder of postponed honeymoon, lack of nightlife, and disorganized spouse while Lauren watches Noah all day while I'm at work.

Now, I could explain what it is about this week that makes it tough to take the time off, or how I thought I was accessorizing some other pieces I bought for Lauren already, but that doesn't matter. I want to celebrate a third anniverary next year, so Lauren, I am publicly stating that I am really, really sorry about this. I really meant to plan a nice anniversary, things just got totally derailed.


Lauren said...

....Ok..it worked. Thank you for the apology, you don't have to do it in public, but thanks. It's ok we find ourselves without anniversary plans once again (well, kind of ok), but Noah and I miss you and wish you were able to be with us today, it would have been fun. I understand it is a really busy week at work, it's not your fault at all. Next year, maybe you should make sure you can get the time off before we make the plans, and it would help to ask for the time off early, not the afternoon before.

The necklace is just as beautiful and my first one. Thanks. If anything, it's good because once you return it, we can buy the "good" tickets at Sesame Street Live, no more nose-bleed section for Noah.

Do you mind if I still carry out my "Lauren's day of mopeing plans"? I planned it this morning when you left to make me feel better. I decided to wear velour pants all day, not worry about the house being super clean, going to buy a cheesey book and a MEDIUM mocha, not struggling to straighten my hair to look nice for you tonight, eating crap for lunch and going to a cool pet store so Noah and I can see baby guinea pigs and bunnies.

The phone just rang. The Rabbi called and said "Happy Anniversary, enjoy celebrating your anniversary together tonight". Um..yeah.. thank you rabbi, I sure am enjoying my velour pajama bottoms and my pint of ice cream. That was very nice of him to call.

Thanks for the post dear. You can take it down if you would like. Forgiveness plan....worked. xo

Jonathan said...

I'll leave it up, because we "keep it real."

Believe it or not I just sold your necklace to a colleague who forgot to buy a gift! Now we can get floor seats to see Elmo.

Enjoy your moping, I'll see you at 5. XO

Lauren said...

You got full price for the necklace, right?
I decided I'm still a little upset and sad. By the way, I meant it's not your fault at all that work is busy this week, not that you didn't make sure to get the time off a head of time. That's your fault.

Garrett said...

Do you love birds need me to watch the kid or what? I suppose referring to Noah as "the kid" doesn't instill anyone with a lot of confidence, but hey, we all know you get what you pay for and we all know I'm free.

Anonymous said...

I have strongly suggested to my friend in Detroit that he needs to babysit soon! Although, he has been under the weather lately--you may want to wait until he is better!

lifeindaburbs said...

yikes jon... but don't feel so bad.. personally i haven't gotten anything for J yet and i haven't the slightest idea on what to get her.
never the less, i feel for you bro.
i'm sure you will make it up very soon.
and lauren,remember, forgiveness is a wonderful attribute.
your pal in jersey, G.

Judy said...

Happy anniversary you two - with ice cream and velour pants and all! ENJOY EACH OTHER!!!