Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Honey, I Shrunk the Kid

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Well, this morning Noah was pulling on his ear, so I started to re-think the ear infection thing. He did stick his finger in his ear the other day, maybe it wasn't just an odd fascination with body parts. So we got ready and went to the doctor's. Noah and I waited in the room for fourty five minutes when finally the doctor came in. Just in time mind you because Noah was having a huge meltdown from having to stay in the same small room for 45 minutes. Not fun.

Good news! Noah is A-ok! Ears are fine, throat is fine,no fever, he just has a little runny nose virus. That's all. Our pediatrician says I don't need to do anything, it will just run it's course. Noah is already much better. His nose is still a bit stuffy and runny, but other than that, he's almost back to normal.

One surprising thing; he lost a pound since his 15 month appointment 3 weeks ago! Our doctor doesn't think he really lost a whole pound. Come to think of it,at his 15 month, I think he did have a wet diaper. Noah hasn't been hungry for the past 5 days so he's had mostly pediasure, formula, yogurt. He did eat dinner last night and breakfast today, so that's good. He hasn't been too into eating anyway, since he became mobile. The doctor didn't say anything at all about the weight, no problems.

The crazy thing is, is that for the first time ever, wait..since about 2 months, Noah is under thr 50th for weight! He's in the 37th percentile now. I know these things don't matter so much. It's just that he was a BIG guy for a while. In the 90's for weight. I always thought he would be kind of chubby but now he is starting to shrink on the charts. Maybe it was a phase as he was in the 5th % for weight at birth and that was a week overdue.

Now I'm babbling about nothing important nor interesting to you.
Thanks for reading!
P.S. Yesterday Sarah came over and organized Noah's closet. (Thanks Sarah!) Check out these cute pajamas she found for me in there. I've been looking for them! I can't believe that Noah can still fit into these 9 month PJ's. They're the last of his "baby" clothes. :( I think he looks so sweet in that dorky, little Peter Pan collar.


Judy said...

Wow - he can wear 9 month pj's? They are awfully cute, and so I miss those cute baby clothes! Glad he's okay and doing better today! Don't worry about the eating - he'll eat when he's hungry!

Bree said...

Aww, sorry I haven't been around. I am so glad Noah is doing better. It really sucks when they are sick, you worry about 10 x's more than usual, which is hard on both of you.
Jack was like that on the charts when he was a baby, really big guy. But now he is evening out, still mighty, but not SO mighty, if you know what I mean. Once they get moving they shed that baby fat. :(

Kendra Lynn said...

Kelsey was always in the 90th percentile. I think she's in the 50th now...we will see when she goes in for her 3 yr. checkup.
I think Noah is perfect the way he is...and I'm sooo glad he's feeling better!