Saturday, February 18, 2006

Cakes, Cup

This afternoon we went to the library so I could pay a massive fine. How big? Well, I'm not one to brag, but they named a wing after us! (rimshot) Thanks, I'll be here all week.

We left loaded down with enough books to buy an underground parking structure with next month's fine. As we were driving home, we decided to grab a cup of coffee. I had to park down the block from Caribou, and on the brief, freezing* walk to the shop I passed by these cupcakes in the window of a bakery.

No suspense here, I got back to the car with two giant cupcakes. It's funny, I had always avoided this place because everything in the window looked gorgeous and expensive, but these were cheap and wow, delicious. Not too sweet, which I prefer, and very deeply chocolate. We got home, Noah took a nap, Lauren and I read and drank coffee and split a cupcake. A rare afternoon.

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*8 degrees, with a wind chill of negative 8! Lauren left some detergent in the car overnight, and when I went to bring it in to do the laundry we had a giant Tidesicle. We'll do laundry tomorrow.


Kendra Lynn said...

Those are probably the yummiest looking cupcakes I have ever seen. Merry and Kelsey would LOVE to eat one of those!!!

Judy said...

Now THAT is cold! We're hovering at 32 and freaking out - can't imagine 8!!!

By the way, I didn't make the Austin Blogger Blowout tonight. Had you been here, Lauren, I would have happily marched my freezing heinie up there and partied away. The incentive wasn't there with this dreary cold stuff we're having today though - not for a bunch of people I don't even "know"! HAHA

Kendra Lynn said...

It is definitly COLD here! We went to the Melting Pot last night with some friends, and we parked a bit of a distance was a COLD COLD walk into the restaurant...waiting for spring here.