Tuesday, January 17, 2006

This week's Priya Curries

I subscribe to the weekly 'curry program' emails from Priya, an Indian restaurant in Troy. Every week, you give them some money, and they give you several pounds of food. I have not tried it yet, but maybe we'll get to have a party and I can place an order. $75 gets you 6 pounds of curry, 2 soups, 2 Dal (lentil) items and a vegetable curry! There are other plans too. Here are the rules:

* Every Thursday we will specially prepare curries for your enjoyment at home
* Every Monday we will email you the menu.
* If you would like to order please confirm your order by Wednesday by email
* Pick up your order after 5:00 PM on Thursday
* Usually there will be 9 items
* Since this is a package deal no substitutions are allowed at this time.

Here are this week's curries:

Taro Pulusu
Eggplant Pakodi
Oposquash Yogurt
Cauliflower Peas
Spinach Toor Dal
Tomato Dal
Sambar Rasam
Beekaraya Chatney
Seafood special: Shrimp curry only $16.00


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