Monday, January 30, 2006

Test Ride

I got a ride in a Pontiac Solstice the other day. A colleague of mine's husband works for GM, and he brought one by our office over lunch on Friday. I asked for a ride around the block.

It's sweet.

The price is right (20 grand), the panel gaps were tight, there were no shakes and rattles, and it felt very quick. But like just about every GM vehicle I have ever been's hard for me to see over the hood.

I'm not that tall, so I like Civics and Miatas, and Grand Cherokees with power seats I can jack way up in the air. The knock against GM has always been notorious unreliability, but for me they are generally out of contention because the dashboards are too high.

No doubt this car was designed to have your average 5'9" American male behind the wheel, and everyone else, whether they have $20,000 burning a hole in their pocket or not, is pretty much an afterthought. Too bad, it's a pretty car.

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ilyushka said...

i feel you on that one. VW Golf was also great in that way.