Monday, January 30, 2006

Shout Outs

I feel like I'm dropping the ball. Well....actually, I've been dropping the ball for a while on phone calls, e-mails and get togethers with friends. It's not that I don't love you, because I do! Girlfriend, I love you like a sister! I don't know what's wrong with me, I veg at night, relaxing, quietly reading, surfing the web or mindlessly watching the TV. My day starts at 7:00am and ends at 7:00pm, 12 hour days of physically demanding toddler rangling. It's loud, if stressful, it's face paced and rewarding. At the end of the day though, I crash and so, I'm really sorry that I haven't been calling you guys or tending to my in-box or replying to comments like I should. I'm in my comfort zone, meeting up with just a few of you who live near by. It's time I pack up Noah and head out to visit more of you, especially now that he's starting to only nap once a day. I miss you guys. So here are my shout outs....
-Bree, I am SO sorry that I didn't call last night. I looked EVERYWHERE for your number. HELLO! Blue notebook, where the heck are you!? I'll talk to you tomorrow...S.O.S. please send #!
-Laurie B. Damn I love you. Garstung and I talk everyday. I have no idea why we don't. Thanks for leaving that nice message the other day. I will talk to you this week.
-Kendra, you are one cool mama. I am coming to see you and the girls AND looking forward to your choir's concert in a month or two. Let's talk this week and figure out when we can get together. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments and posting such great pics on your blog!
-Muir, Oh my God, I am so sorry I didn't call you back the other week. Sorry, in the middle of a Masa crisis. So glad you are feeling well and about to go on a nice vacation. I need to catch up on what's new.
-Kristin. Hi! How are you doing? Any tornado sightings of late? Did you get the Seinna Miller cut and color? Please do tell!
-Laura!!! Congratulatios on the new positions for you and Ben, and the move to Denver!!! Wow! Now if that isn't the coolest stuff! I CAN'T wait to get all of the updates. I'm so happy for you guys. How is the most adorable Caitie? Blog it up when you can!
-Judy. What can you say? You know I love ya. How's the weather down in TX? Jon thinks we should come visit you and the boys. They're as cute as always! Oh! That's another thing I need to get to work on..the recipe exchange with you and Kendra. Sarah sent me one too this week. Jon is the one with the cooking skills. I know, I'm lame.
-Meagan, best biatches fo'eva! Ok, that's vulgar. It's just to illustrate that I am SO glad you weren't mean to Trent from Pink is the New Blog when he cut you off. Because, you know, I love Trent, even though he'd love my brother and not me. I still love him.
-Sarah, happy 40th...oh God! I mean 30th Birthday. You are SO 21 though. I bet 18 year olds hit on you ALL the time.


Judy said...

Jump on a plane and get down here on February 18th - there's a huge blog blowout in Austin then - NO KIDDING!

Lauren said...

Judy! I know! Jon wants to send me to it. He said that a couple of weeks ago. He said.."Hey! Do you want to go down to a blogger's meeting in Texas with Judy"!? Hmmm...maybe I should take him up on it...I've never left Noah, but maybe it's time, huh!?

Ok, Feb. 18th or not, we're coming to meet you guys sooner or later. You can come here but it's SO cold! Summer is ok though...

Thanks Judy!!!

Moose A. Moose said...

And Miffy wants to send her love to you, Zee.

Judy said...

I have a friend who works for Southwest Airlines in their reservations department. She keeps threatening to take me away for the weekend on her discount (like $20 to fly round trip or something insane like that)...I may have to see if she is interested in Detroit! I'd have to bring Tyler, though...I think he and Noah would have a blast together!

Lauren said...

WHAT!!!??? Moose A. Moose from Noggin kid's network commented on our blog!!!???

Well, I love you too zee.