Saturday, January 07, 2006

Live from Las Vegas

Here are a couple more pictures from my Vegas trip. After being delegated to lots of rooms that faced the roof of the parking garage, I finally hit the jackpot (ha! topical!) and got a nice 25th floor stripview room at Bellagio.

Note you can still see some of the garage. Must be impossible to shake completely.

Here's a young couple preparing to tie the knot having pictures taken in front of "Lake Bellagio." This is on the deck of the Fontana bar.

The sunrise from my room.

For a taste of real life Las Vegas (for some), here's my colleague's back yard in Summerlin.

Here's two more cool views from Red Rock.


Atomic Bombshell said...

Ooh... You stayed at Bellagio! How fantastic... LUCKY!!! :)

Judy said...

My cousin lived in Henderson for a brief stint (my brother lived IN Vegas for about 4 months, but we don't talk about that time...haha) and she said it was one of the cleanest and nicest places she has lived -- that golf course picture is typical! Very nice pictures!

Jonathan said...

The burbs are pretty nice - I'd characterize them as "almost normal." It is hard for me to get used to everything being stucco. "The Real Las Vegas : Life Beyond the Strip" is a great (and fair) look at the ups and downs of living there.

It really does have great weather, low taxes, any kind of entertainment, and affordable housing, not to mention plenty of jobs. The downsides though are higher than average rates of teen pregnancy, substance abuse, suicide, gambling addiction (duh), alcoholism...

I like it for about three days at a time, and then I'm ready for something else.

Jonathan said...

By the way, thanks, a lot of these subjects are tough to take a bad picture of though!

Jonathan said...

AB: Bellagio is defintely a nice hotel. I've stayed at those two, the Monte Carlo, MGM, Venetian and the New Frontier. Venetian is definitely the nicest of those. The Monte Carlo is OK, but far down the strip, and MGM is a fun place. Bellagio is very pretty downstairs, but I found the rooms don't quite match the lobby/retail/dining experience.

Venetian is great as an all-around nice place to visit, and is actually sort of a value if you book a year in advance of your trip (easy to know for trade shows). As for The New Frontier, I'd probably stay elsewhere unless I was really into into bikini bull-riding Wednesdays and on-Strip bingo.