Sunday, January 29, 2006

Game Day!

Thank you Craigslist! Because of you, not only did we find an apartment in California, re-lease the apartment to two lovely gentlemen from Reno, and give away the wrong power cord I bought on ebay for Lauren's computer*, but this week I used you to get tickets to the sold-out Pistons-Lakers game, for below face-value no less!

Intern Paul and I are going to put on our prescription sports goggles so we can see the floor and sit in the rafters at the Palace, so we can watch the Lakers get wailed on. I don't think tonight is going to be Kobe's night to get 100.

I got pretty lucky: the gentleman I bought the tickets from decided he would rather take his daughter to Stomp, and he told me when I met him that 5 people wrote to ask about the tickets after I made an offer! Nice to know people are finally starting to use Detroit craigslist.

*This is actually a cool story: when we were in SF, I bought a cord on eBay for Lauren's mac because the old one was fraying. I bought the wrong style so we ended up buying a new one at the Mac store anyway. In the meantime we had to unload this one, and there was so little interest in it on craigslist that I just told the first guy who asked for it that he could have it if he picked it up. It turned out he was getting his sister her first computer, and we was nice enough to mail us a pair of AMC movie passes as a thank you for the cord. We went to see "Lost in Translation" at the AMC Van Ness, a film we loved, and we never would have paid 10 bucks for a ticket there otherwise.

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Have a good time at the game...note to self: check out craigslist again!