Saturday, January 07, 2006

Because my Life is so Darn exciting....

Whaaaa! I think I'm missing San Francisco right now. When we lived there, it was Love/Hate with me and that city. That darn city.

My life is so ordinary and mundane now, but in hopes of getting more regular readers, I have decided to chronicle my mundane minutiae. I'm going to bore you to death and then you'll come back for more. You see, I've noticed something, all of the blogs that absolutely entrance me are basically day to day ramblings. No main subject matter or important message or skill to learn, just what's going on. Oh God, you should see me! I race to Mom2Many each Alison feeling better? How's the morning sickness,did she get her triple stroller fixed!? Meagan's neighbor put her house up for sale and they're trying to guess the asking price. I read about Melissa's bra fitting over at Suburban Bliss and was just riveted beyond belief! And you know what, I go back for more. Everyday.

So....since my life is so damn interesting, I am going to grace you with the goings-on and hope that you too become addicted to a blog. Our blog.

Let's see...this week has been fun. I was really pissed off at the beginning of the week because out of the FOUR WHOLE vacation days Jon took off this year, he ended up having to go into the office for three of them. Then he went to Vegas, So Noah and I had to find some fun for ourselves. We went to Target a couple of times and ate some cheese sticks also a couple of times. I made my first online clothing purchase ever! Check THESE babies out! I am, like all women, on a never ending crusade to find jeans that fit right. I decided to bite the bullet and order at Gap online because now they carry petites, but only online I think. I found THESE on sale and thought I'd might as welll give it a shot.

By the way, see that picture down there? The one of Jon and I all dressed up? That was years ago, when we first started dating. My Mom took it on our way to Price Waterhouse's annual holiday party. Jon was working for them at the time. God, he's the only person I know who gets hotter with age. Anyway, notice anything strange? Oh, you're just too polite. I know you see that I photoshopped in a small waistline and shaved away the fat from the back of my arms. I love computers. I sent Jon this pic a few days after the party. In the end, I felt terrible for digitally lying to him and told the truth.

Now, see that lady down there? She's the one who hit on me this week! I don't know why she has Noah, the chick just picked him up. I borrowed this picture from Asa's Flickr account, which leads me to the biggest news of the week..... I met a new friend! I will ask Asa if I can post some pics she took of Noah and adorable Anzu together. Anzu is Asa's 6 month old daughter. Her personality was just as sweet as her little face. Asa and I met online line as a matter of fact. It's quite a long story, but we have a ton in common, like both graduating with a degree in Textile design, being at the same obscure concert 8 years ago and having, get this folks...the same OBGYN! Yeah, weird huh? Asa is so cool. I'm almost to nerdy to be around her. She's very gracious. We had a nice chat but Noah was going wild and my girlfriend, I mean the lady that hit on me, and her friend talked to us for half the time so I couldn't chit chat with Asa as much as I would have liked to. Next week we're going to do coffee again, I can't wait! I think I've found a real friend.

Ok, so that's what happened this week. Now for what's to come. Real cliff hangers to make you want to check back for more. WARNING: This could be way too interesting for you to handle.

Well, for starters, my brother-in-law is going to visit. I'm very excited as I like him much more than he likes me. I am oddly drawn to him and his exotic rabbinical life. He secretly freaks me out as Daniel becomes more and more religious, but that's my problem, not his and I love the guy. I'm seriously taking him to the Kosher Case club and buying broccoli in bulk. It's going to be awesome. Who knows, we might even all get coffee and doughnuts at the Kosher Dunkin Doughnuts!

I'm really anxious to see if my new jeans will fit AND I need to find a cute dress next week. I want to look presentable because Masa is coming on the 18th! This is the highlight of double-o-six I'm sure. It will kind of be like a high school reunion as I haven't seen him in over three years. I don't want to look like complete embarrassing, so I need to spruce up. Therefore I will also dye my grays and paint my nails for once. I was going to lose 5lbs a week for three weeks, but that only lasted a day. Masa was one of my very best friends ever! Even though he's a guy, he's kind of a girl too and that's why we get along. I'm sure much more boring updates on that stuff will come.

I need to buy sand paper and white gloss or semi-gloss latex paint this week. I'm going to sand and paint the molding that my brother put up around the mirror in the bathroom. I re-did the bathroom, did I tell you!? I'll post some pictures of that soon.

Oh my God, I'm so tired. I need to go to bed. Jon should be home around 7:00am and then we have a friend's son's 3rd Birthday party tomorrow. Hey Mom, want to babysit tomorrow night!? What I wouldn't give right now for a few kidless hours out of the house.

Well, that's my mindless minutiae of the the day. Hope it made you insanely mad about my darn interesting life.

Good night and good luck.
Oh, by the way, my all time favorite movie: Annie Hall, the best screenplay ever written, came in the mail from Netflix yesterday. Well La-di-da... La-di-da...


Judy said...

Girl, if this is your FIRST online clothing purchase, we need to talk! Welcome to the world of convenience shopping! It is the BEST!!!

I love your rambliness...I was laughing all the way through! Your brain works like mine!

Kendra Lynn said...

Hey there.
I love your blog...and I'm TOTALLY ADDICTED TO IT. Ask Scott...I check it out at LEAST once a, too, Judy!
Thanks, guys.
Lauren, you are more beautiful the older you get...I mean it. When we were at Concordia together, you were cute and fun...but now you are beautiful and even more fun. :)
I love ya.

meagan said...

thanks for the link, lauren. i check yours daily, too!

sunny said...

thanks for the photos you posted. *sigh* I miss San Francisco. Lived out in the Sunset with views of the ocean out every window. Then I made the lovely roadtrip to Wisconsin in January, 2005. But I may have left a little bit of my heart in SF.

I'm now addicted to your blog. woo hoo!