Saturday, December 17, 2005

This and That and Pastry House Hippo Too!

This is why we went to the market in the first place. I had a craving for Umeboshi. NO! I'm not pregnant.

This is how I know that I have put the correct amount of water in the rice steamer. Up to my first knuckle on my index finger.

Tama-negi. That's a type of onion. Here though, I have a green onion which is just "Negi" on my head, my "tama".

We went to Pastry House Hippo too! Here's a Panda choco pan and a homemade pumkin pan.


Judy said...

We don't get coolio stuff like this in Texas -just deer meat and fried pork skins (I am JUST KIDDING!). I love those pastries, and Lauren, you should market the onion-hat!

Kendra Lynn said...

That looks good! I'll have to try it sometime. :)