Friday, December 02, 2005


I just got a spam email that was so cleverly "subjected" that I opened it. I'm not going to explain the subject, because I don't want to let spammers know what works. Here is the edited content though:

-Increase Your (adjective) Desire and (Noun) volume by 500%
-Longer (plural noun) - The longest most intense (noun) of your life
-Rock hard (noun) - a (noun) like steel
- (verb) like a (adjective) star - Stronger (plural noun)
-Multiple (plural noun) - (verb) again and again
-100% Natural and No Side Effects - in contrast to well-known brands.
-Experience three times longer (plural noun)
-World Wide shipping within 24 hours

And here the Spam Lib I made out of it. Please feel free to post your own in the comments!

- Increase Your repellent Desire and kitten volume by 500%
- Longer wharves - The longest most intense prime minister of your life
- Rock hard emu - a business card scanner like steel
- Garden like a curling star - Stronger pants
- Multiple cheeseburgers - condense again and again
- 100% Natural and No Side Effects - in contrast to well-known brands.
- Experience three times longer blog posts
- World Wide shipping within 24 hours

If you need help with your spam lib, brush up on your parts of speech at this helpful web site from the University of Ottawa. Thanks Canada! I'm on lunch by the way, I don't sit around making these up in meetings, probably.

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Judy said...

I had a good time with this one! Passed it along to another couple of blogger people - we'll see if they stop by!