Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Pecan Sandies

Saturday is really turning into my baking night - we need to find a sitter. Until then, I'm making stuff, like these pecan sandies.

This is my kind of cookie - light, not too sweet, no preservatives. They have about as much in common with the bagged supermarket version as I do with Mrs. Slocombe. The recipe is from Lauren's friend Laura's father, and they're fabulous. It's tough to go wrong with butter, sugar and pecans, but these transcend the ingredients. They're crispy, the dough is full of tiny roasted pecan bits, and they only take about a half hour to make. Posted by Picasa


Kendra Lynn said...

Wow...those look good, and I don't even like pecans much! My mom would LOVE them.
Could you give me the receipe?

Jonathan said...

Sure, I'll find out if I can post the recipe. If not I'll just mail it to you.

Kendra Lynn said...

Thanks..you can email it to me if ya want. Lauren has my email address.

Judy said...

Oh WOW - those look divine!

I've got all my stuff for my Christmas baking, which I believe will commence tonight with Walnut brownie/mini-cakes.