Monday, December 19, 2005

HB Presents: Lauren's Sweet Web Site Round-up

When I was just writing the title to this post, I imagined myself as a beautiful sheep herding dog, rounding up my ponies. So, please think of each of these links as a cute pony oh and add in a unicorn for extra cheesiness.

Ok, my Best of the Web for this month:

I found THIS link on to a fabulously fun tutorial on how the stupid media photoshops the average magazine model to look like goddess. Watch your self esteem rise with a click of the mouse.

My new obsession: Now that I have collected every toy sold at retail in the US, I am not taking over the Japanese market. Check out Combi toys. They rock and I am forcing Masa to check a large suitcase full of them on is flight over.

Hello! Celebrity Baby Blog, I love you! I don't know why. I really have no idea why, but I love you. They will be the first on the scene when TomKitten is born.

I am OBSESSED with my account on Mixi, Japan's cell phone or computer accessible version of our Friendster and My Space. You must be sent an invitation to join and you'd better pray you guess at all the sign-up direction in Japanese correctly. Once you're in, it's all blur, but that's half the fun. Huh? what did you say? Me speak no Japanese..

One final note...a certain friend (not sure if he/she wants to be associated here) tipped me off to Gawker tonight as a good and fiesty read.

Well, now that my ponies are all rounded up, time for a much deserved bowl of kibble and bits.

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