Sunday, December 18, 2005

Hayashi Rice

Perhaps you've been asking yourself, "have I been getting enough onions lately?"

"Do I eat enough finely shaved beef?"

"Is there enough salt in my diet?"

You need some Hayashi Rice.

Here is how the S&B company describes their Hayashi Rice mix, which I have renamed "Prime Beef and Onion Helper" to give American readers a frame of reference:

Hashed Beef Brown Sauce Mix with rich vegetable (Onion, Tomato, Carrot, Celery, Chinese cabbage) and mushroom flavor. This Japanese favorite menu is also known as Hi-Rice in Korea.

I can't really taste that, just sweet, salt, and brown, which is enough. Hayashi Rice tastes great, fills you up, and really sticks to your ribs, and we gorged on it while we watched "Suze Orman," who would be proud that we did not take on credit card debt to buy dinner. Hayashi Rice is a want after all, not a need.

Read the abbreviated story of Japanese curries here.

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Judy said...

Oooh, that makes my stomach growl! Yum!