Thursday, December 08, 2005

Fancy Pants

A bunch of the women in my Mom and Tots group at the temple wear THESE .
HELLO! I don't care how cute they are, you spend $250 on jeans!? Doesn't your kid spill chocolate organic soy milk on you like mine does? Even if you are a million kagillionaire and pull up in one of THESE, why do you need $250 jeans!?

By the way, maybe next time you go to Neimans to buy another pair of these, you should donate to THIS instead.

Wait, I take it back! I guess to each their own because you know what? I know truly, if I was rolling in it, I'd buy myself one of THESE to cruise around in and THESE if I could fit my tushie in them.


Kendra Lynn said...

I love your honesty, Lauren. :)
You make me laugh.
I would look sooo bad in jeans like that! Whew...not happenin'...not in this lifetime anyway.
Comfort yourself in knowing that YOU have a truly loving and giving heart.
Love ya.

Judy said...

Crud. There's NO WAY my body would EVER fit in those jeans, even at $250!

Did you know I drive a Lincoln Navigator? Yeah, baby, the pimp-daddy-ride. Paid for - sweet deal because the dude who sold it to us was a wholesaler and I babysat his kiddo while he and my best friend (his wife) worked. Funny how people just ASSUME I have money when I pull up in it. If they only knew I had to sell crap on eBay to put gas in it!

Laura said...

Never in a million years would my post-baby behind ever fit into jeans like that--not that I'll ever be able to afford them. The most I've ever paid for jeans was about $50.

Sorry that I've been slacking in the comment catergory lately...having to deal with job-related issues.

Judy said...

Bring it on! You can come stay with us, but bring your shorts and flip-flops. It is a balmy 65 degrees right now - I have on cotton pants and a t-shirt! Mules with no socks! WAHOO!

I'd be interested to know how you integrate the Santa thing with Hanukkah. I mean, in the Jewish community, is Santa something that is included? I haven't really given it much thought, but Santa is kind of a secular figure. I could see how you *could* possibly work him into the Hanukkah celebration. Or, not? Am I being nosy? I'm just really, really curious.

And, if you do take Noah to see Santa, you HAVE to post pictures!!!!! Word of advice, though, trim his nails first or you will have claw marks all over you like I do!

ilyushka said...

Judy, I want to take a stab at answering your Q about Santa and Jewish traditions... I'm Jewish and grew up in Russia until I was 8. In Soviet Russia there was no Christmas and no Hanukkah, only NEW YEARS which was celebrated by ALL people with a New Years tree and the Russian equivalent of Santa, named Grandpa Frost, and his young female helper named Snowflake (I swear I'm not making this up). They came by sleigh (no reindeer, though) on the New Years Eve, and brought kids gifts that were opened under the New years tree on Jan 1.

It was all great fun, until we came to America and were shunned by our American Jewish friends for putting up a Christmas tree! We tried to explain the whole New Years tree concept but to no avail.

Every winter, I still crave putting up a New Years tree, and yet I never do. I think it's because the value i derive from the sense of belonging to a community that shuns some behavior outweighs my individual need/desire? for a tree.

But that is a VERY personal choice that I have made based on my circumstances, NOT applicable to others, you know?

But I also want to share with my (hypothetical-future) children how I grew up and give them the joy of having a New Years tree with gifts from "Ded Maroz and Snegurushka" aka Grandpa Frost and Snowflake.

So, the quick answer is that I doubt many American Jews will understand or accept the notion of anythhing resembling a Christmas tree or Santa as anything other than that. Period.