Thursday, December 08, 2005

Deck the Halls with Dreidels and Menorahs

Well folks, it's that time of year again. I have officially once again over compensated for not having a Christmas tree. I've decorated for chanukah and it's getting out of hand. What I don't happen to have pictures of posted is the giant menorah on the wall and the blue cellophane dreidel garland, the dreidel tree and the various menorah, dreidel and star of David knicknacks all about. In hopes of capturing the holiday spirit of my youth, the one with a tree and wreaths and garlands,and stockings I have totally tackified my home with silver and blue. Oh well, the gelt is yummy.

Before getting married, Jon and I had a talk about Christmas because this is the one area we don't quite see eye to eye on. He grew up in a conservative Jewish household and I was born into the religion of "we celebrate Christmas and Easter because those holidays are fun" and then for about four years it was all about the menorah yo! Then it was Santa and the easter bunny again. Sooooo....I miss my tree! :( Jon thinks having Chanukah and Christmas in our house will be confusing to Noah. I wasn't confused, I knew the difference. I think actually that I benefited from having both. I think that I am more open minded and accepting for it. Well, see what happens when Noah gets older.

Jon has been very accepting of my dozens of blue and silver ornaments and the hundreds of lights. I appreciate that. I never thought I would ever belong to a temple or celebrate anything other than Chanukah. I never wanted a bris for my son or a wedding in a synagogue or a Hebrew name. We did these things though. I guess part of marriage is give and take. Those things were my give and the tacky decorations are my take.

If turns out that I was right and Santa comes down the chimney, then I'll have to ask Jon to let me bring in a big old tree home.

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Kendra Lynn said...

I suppose that it must be hard to make a decision like that, which holiday to celebrate. Scott and I had to decide whether or not we would bring Santa Claus into the picture. We decided to compromise and not make a big deal about Santa. If the girls want to believe in him right now...okay...when they are older, I'm sure we will be focusing more on Jesus' birth, etc.

It will all work out, you'll see. :)
I love ya.