Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Busy Boys

Noah and Joshua spent considerable time staring down people who were heading into the coffee shop today. Here's some other stuff these busy boys did.

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(In a Brittish accent)
Joshua: "Noah, shall we make a little coffee together? Decaf of course, it's almost naptime"! Noah: "Oh yes! Jolly idea, it just seems this pot has a bit of chalk in it".

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Joshua:"There Noah. Just put the pot in there and we wait. I've seen Mommy do this before". Noah: "Ok, Joshua, whatever you say".

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Joshua: "Now Noah, if you want to make a GOOD squiggle like mine, you must wave your arm like this, just like this. Oh, and use a pink magic wand". Noah: "Wow!!!!!"

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Joshua:"I say! Look at this supurb craftsmenship! What joints! They don't make toy boxes like these anymore". Noah: "And would you look at this tufting!? So soft, so suppulent!

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Judy said...

You crack me up, Lauren! I love the sweater vest on Noah, too...very preppy!

Laura said...

Those boys sure do have a lot of fun at Caribou! :)

Sarah said...

This is my favorite post in a long time...you're so funny, Lauren!

On another note, I've never heard the word suppulent before...is that a contraction of supple and opulent? :)