Sunday, September 11, 2005

Yuko's Shower

Last night I went to a wonderful wedding shower for Yuko san at Sumiko's house! I had a great time and felt like I made four new friends right away. Sumiko, Maki, Mari and Keiko, everyone was super sweet and kind to me. I can't wait to see them in two weeks at the wedding!

Such a cute bride!!!!!!!!!!!!

We ate a great dinner, everyone made something.


The beautiful cake!

Yuko san practicing to cut the wedding cake.

Present time!

As a group, we all gave Yuko and Ryo a gift of matching robes.

You look gorgeous!

Yuko san got a bake set too. Oh, there's hot Kimutaku!

Yeah! A grill pan! Yuko san is about to hit me I think. first I just thought it was a Japanese thing, but then I learned it was just a Sumiko thing, when she perfectly re-wrapped every gift that Yuko opened. Now Ryo can open them too.

Some treats from the bakery.


Anonymous said...

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Kendra Lynn said...

Hey Lauren:
You look so pretty in that picture.
You are a beautiful lady, and so is Yuko.