Saturday, September 03, 2005

Purikura....Print Club

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In college I was the only white chick in an all male, all Asian gang. Here are my two main bros. Masayuki and Godzilla (I swear it's his name). As you can see, we're at our annual gang retreat at Mt. Rushmore.

(I'm joking about the gang thing. We all met in the dorm at school. International students rock!)


Kendra Lynn said...

Wow...I didn't know that, Lauren!
Of course, we weren't in touch after Concordia for quite some time.
That's cool though. :)
I love ya.

Laura said...

A couple of my best friends from college were foreign exchange students. Reading your post brought back some fun memories for me. :)You're right, international students rule! I remember eating some yummy frittatas (sp?) with Sonia.

Laura said...

By the way Lauren, you look so young, vibrant and happy---haven't changed a bit!