Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Annual Temple Beth El Family Picnic

Today we went to the annual Templ Beth El picnic. The weather was gorgeous and the picnic was great! How can you beat free hot dogs? They had 5 differnt moonwalks. Too bad Noah was too little to use them. He did get his first tattoo and we jammed with the batmitzvah DJ. It was a ton of fun.

Moon walks and put put.

Yeah! The batmitzvah DJ's!

Madras men.

Finally! A family picture! Uhh...Noah..look at the camera, not the tree.

Sweet tattoo boy.


Anonymous said...
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Judy said...

Cool fun stuff yesterday! You dudes need to quit matching so much - slightly nauseating! HAHA Not really - very cute!

Lauren there is a clothing company out there called Kelly's Kids - have you heard of it? It is one of the few manufacturers that I have found that make matching mommy and BOY outfits (and they don't have many). There's another one called Chez Ami, and I'm not sure how much they have in the mommy/son coordinate line, but I think I remember that they used to do it, too. Both of them are home party-type companies, but I think if you find a consultant, you can order without a party- in fact it is probably better that way. They both have websites with their catalog online.

Kendra Lynn said...

Looks like you guys had alot of fun. :)
Its so nice to see such a happy family.
Kiss Noah for me.