Monday, August 15, 2005

Report From the Trenches

This must be a cruel joke. How I ask you , can a cupcake look so delicious, so delectable, so sugary and light? And why I ask you, must I be on a diet and therefor not eat said cupcake? Yes, ugh! The humanity! I found this picture on flicker. "Not Martha" is quite the cupcake photographer.

I have come to report from the dieting trenches. It's been difficult but not too bad. I am hungry, ALWAYS, but I will keep going! This weekend I ate my one allowed meal a day out, at Blue Nile, then Beirut Palace and Greek Isles. I watched what I ate and still manage to lose a pound in the two days! This brings my total to 8 lbs. if my Doctor's scale is correct or about 5lbs. if it wasn't and I go according to my first weigh-in on my Mom's scale which reads the same as my new scale. Either way, I'm glad. I need to exercise more and the weight will come off more quickly, but any weight loss is better than none, I won't complain! My pre-pregnancy jeans are starting to fit, no spandex in them thank you! Although, I still have a long way to go after I fit well into those.

I've been learning a bunch about will power and moderation. I've learned that they are one of the most evil super powers I have ever been up against! Then again, perhaps sloth and gluttony are more evil. I love food. It tastes good and looks good and smells good and feeling full feels good. I have issues with food and emotion and boredom. Food has been the monkey on my back since I was 12. I'd love to get that monkey off my back and maybe on a leash or something. He doesn't need to move out or anything, he just needs to be under control.

What I wouldn't give for a cupcake right now. If anyone says "Go for a run instead of a cupcake" I'll punch them. That's just plain crazy.

P.S. I'm reading the book "Tales from the Scales" by Erin J. Shea and love it, great read.


Kendra Lynn said...

I feel your pain, girl. I know EXACTLY how hard it is to get that monkey off your back! Do you think he has a twin brother? Cause there's one on my back as well.
I love ya.
You can do it.


p.s. that cupcake DID look divine...and I don't even like cupcakes!

Judy said...

While that IS a beautiful cupcake, just think that those little balls of sugary stuff would probably wedge up in your gums and cause an inflamation or infection, or even a CAVITY. Bleh.

Hand over the celery sticks!

Anonymous said...

gimme cupcake!!