Sunday, August 21, 2005

Relaxing pretty much perpetually



Judy said...

Boy or girl cat? I'm going to assume girl - much too elegant and poised to be a boy cat. Does Noah love to grab all that hair?

My in-laws have three cats, and Tyler was chasing those poor kitties all over their house this past week. He wanted those tails like nothing else! They were definitely on the run when Tyler was in the room!

Jonathan said...

You're right, Priya is a girl cat. When we let Noah near her he does try to grab her hair. She anticipates it by now so she tends to steer pretty clear of him.

Kendra Lynn said...

Even though I'm allergic to cats, I think Priya is very beautiful. Merry and Kelsey would LOVE her!

Anonymous said...

Hey Priya - are we related? Noah likes to grab at me and pull any fur he can get his little fist on!!
You ought to come by with him sometime.
Bob - the black cat