Friday, August 05, 2005

Nature Boy

Originally uploaded by How Bourgeois.

This evening we spent some time in the backyard. See more pictures of Noah out in nature HERE!


Kendra Lynn said...

That is a gorgeous picture, Lauren!
What a dollface.

Laura said...

I'm really enjoying seeing all of the pictures of Noah. He is so handsome & is getting SO big!

Judy said...

Those are some great shots! He's vegetarian! HAHA

What's the red on his nose? I've not noticed it before, so I am assuming it is either leftovers from dinner or a lovely flower part.

Lauren said...

Hey Judy, that red on his nose...remember that little train he was sitting on two weeks ago? The poor guy slid off WHILE I was trying to keep him on! He kind of lurched the upper half of his body over my arm and his head landed on the driveway. I felt SOOOOOOOOOOOO terrible! His first accident. :( It looks much worse than it was. Noah stopped crying in 30 seconds. He's ok. Thanks for caring Judy, you're so sweet. :)

Judy said...

Poor Mr. Noah! Sorry about the nose accident. Get ready - it is only the beginning!

Did you read my handy post on Vaseline? Take stock in it, will help out with bruises in the next couple of years!