Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Most Trivial IM Conversation, Ever

Editor's Note: Daniel is my brother, working at camp this summer

where've you been?

Jon: I was going to fax the camp office to have you call me

Daniel: Why?

Daniel: What's up?

Jon: nothing

Jon: just wanted to see what your plan is for when you come home

Jon: want to spend a couple days in the D?

Daniel: Oh.

Daniel: I saw the dukes last night.

Daniel: Best movie ever.

Daniel: In the history of the world.

Daniel: You must see the movie.

Daniel: Must.

Jon: I figured it was awesome. haven't had a chance yet

Jon: I am ordering a panasonic ice cream maker from amazon right now.

Jon: $10 blowout price!


Jon: who would have thought members of G Unit would be busted for gun possession?

Jon: this is timely - my new netflix shipment for today is the documentary "Biggie and Tupac"

Daniel: Nice.

Daniel: I am coming home on Tuesday.

Jon: right

Daniel: I haven't exactly figured out my plans from there, because my life is screwed up busy.

Jon: that sure is busy

Jon: call me when you get the chance, we'll discuss. whatever you want to do is fine.

Daniel: Done.

Jon: oh, there is a special dinner going on at 173 Grill

Daniel: You have to see the dukes.

Jon: 2/$25 steak special

Daniel: It is the best movie I have ever seen.

Daniel: Go tonight.

Daniel: Or tomorrow.

Jon: OK, I'll see if Lauren's up for it tonight

Jon: do girls like this movie?

Daniel: No.

Daniel: Go with intern paul.

Jon: OK

Jon: gotta go, but when you have some thoughts on what's happening when you get home call me.

Daniel: word.

Jon: later

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Judy said...

Hey, thanks for the heads-up on the little ice cream maker on Amazon - i ordered it today! WAHOO!