Sunday, August 14, 2005

HB Presents: Reader of The Week!

We now would like to bestow the very first honor of being HB's reader of the week to our wonderful cyber-pal Judy. Judy, yes, Judy of "Judy's Brag Blog". Please stop by and check out her great site written on life and wisdom and being a Mom to two of the cutest little guys on the web, seriously!

Jon and I selected Judy because she has been a great reader from the start! She always leaves kind and encouraging and insightful comments, even when we tend to be a bit behind in the leaving other people comments departments. (Sorry! I just read and run these days when Noah is up and about) Judy has even posted just for us, with her review of a great sippy cup with a straw! Now, that's friendship! Judy seems to be kind to all and goes above and beyond with her caring. So we thank you Judy, for being HB's wonderful reader of the week!

We love you Judy
Oh yes we do
We love you Judy
And will be true!
When you're not reading our blog
We're blue!
Oh, Judy, we love you...


Anonymous said...

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Lauren said...

Um...HELLO! That is SO rude AND annoying! Don't advertise on our blog,
Gosh! Oh, and don't advertise on Judy's blog either!

Anonymous said...

Judy, you rule!

BTW, if anybody wants to buy a bridge... :)

Judy, keep keeping real.

- Intern Paul (thinking of starting the Judy Fan Club!)

Judy said...

Awwwwww...I'm crying! No, seriously, I am! That is soooooo sweet! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Let me first thank my parents for bringing me in this world and never following through on their threats to take me out. I'd also like to say thanks to my boys, Travis, Tyler and Scott, for their never-boring lives that inspire me to write. A hearty thanks to Jon and Lauren for such a lovely site that is so wonderful to visit each day, and thank you to God who gave me the mind to express myself.

What??? My time is up??? But, I still have to thank Noah and his buddy, Joshua, and Kendra Lynn with our ongoing conversations in the coments section of HB's blog, and.... hey! Stop playing that music! Why are you pushing me off the stage??? Oooh, there's a gift bag? Move out of my way! Crazed housewife and mom coming through! FREEBIES!!! FREEBIES!!!!

Kendra Lynn said...

Yes, Judy:
I agree, you deserve the award. :)
I love your blog by the way...yours and lauren's are top on my list. :)
Keep up the good postings.

Lauren said...

Ha! Great speech Judy!!! I'd give you more than 45 seconds on stage any day!