Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Echo Sushi

I was going through the take-out menus in my desk this morning to see if there was anything interesting to eat today or if I would have the leftover tomato and cucumber salad and "Tradition-brand" instant noodle soup (chicken flavor) that I brought.

I found a fabulous looking menu for "Echo Sushi,' with a 15% discount coupon for pickup orders and awesome prices. There was sashimi, an la carte sushi menu plus special rolls, salads, udon noodles, Bento boxes - it just looked amazing.

"Why haven't I ever been to Echo Sushi?" I thought. "This place looks fabulous!" My mind raced as I thought of all the tasty hamachis and tamagos spread out before me. A tofu salad! An Enoki beef roll! Spicy seafood udon!

"Where is this place? I'm calling in an order!"

Oh. It's at 2036 Yonge Street...in Toronto. I ate there last September when I was visiting a customer, and I must have thrown the menu in my desk, which I am now ready to crawl and curl up under due to the crushing unavailability of so much great food.

"Hey, it's only 3 and a half hours! If I leave right now I can be home by 9 pm...."


Jeremy said...

Hit up Noble Fish off of 14 Mile in downtown Clawson (I think it's near the Livernois intersection) - best sushi in the area as far as I'm concerned.

And if you travel further along 14 towards Woodward, there is a place called Nippon Kai that also has an excellent, authentic, selection of sushi. In fact, every time I eat there, it is predominantly occupied by Japanese customers. Oh, and I think the Yakuza uses it as their local "meeting" place, which is pretty cool.

Jonathan said...

Thanks. I go to Noble Fish quite a bit. I like their sushi, and the price is definitely right. I also like to buy frozen ramen there. My favorite in the area is Sushi Cafe on Maple - it's pricier and the service is glacial, but the food is always great. The owners also own Cherry Blossom in Novi.

Is Nippon Kai expensive? I have never been even though I drive past it all the time. Bangkok Silver Bowl nearby has also looked intriguing, ever been? Let me know next time you want to go to NK.

Judy said...

Hmmmm...only 3.5 hours...I imagine if you brought Lauren something incredible home as well, she'd forgive you! :-)

Hope everyone is feeling better today!

Jonathan said...

Lauren would be way ticked if I went to Toronto without telling her! It's one of her favorite cities. Given how close it is I wonder why we don't go more often though. I would love to get a condo someday in downtown Toronto on Lake Ontario the way people in Detroit buy vacation homes on lakes "up north," but it's like your Chevelle - when it happens it happens. Right now it's not a reality.

Lauren's pretty much better and I am almost done sneezing I think. Thanks for inquiring.