Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Another coup(e): The unreleased Z06

You know it: if you like cars, Detroit is still the place to be for unreleased ones in the US. Here is the brand-new, not out until fall Corvette Z06. Lauren and I saw it on Woodward last night when we were out cruising in th Jag, and we got some great shots, but with the lousy Treo resolution.

Here's the highest resolution picture we got.


Jeremy said...

Lemme tell ya - the Z06 is an incredible vehicle. I had the good fortune to take one out a couple weeks ago for a test run, and it is absolutely the fastest production car I have ever been in.

The Z06 is hand-built, in the same facility that builds the race versions of the same vehicle, and there are very few differences between the two. It handles great, it's got tons of HP and loads of torque throughout the entire powerband. It's simply the most amazing vehicle I have ever driven.

Jonathan said...

Can you get me a ride?

Anonymous said...

You haven't driven many cars if thats the most amazing vehicle you have driven.

Jonathan said...

That was rude. First, he said it was the fastest, not the most amazing. Second, even if it was, so what? You, anonymous, have driven such fabulous, sporting, wondrous machines in your lifetime that Jeremy's Z06 experience pales in comparison? Don't hate.

Anonymous said...

"It's simply the most amazing vehicle I have ever driven."

Jonathan said...

Hmm, you're right. Next time I should read all the way to the bottom. Shame on me.

Again though, so what? If you've drven something more amazing, cough it up.

mark aka formerly anonymous said...

I'll admit to have never been a fan of the corvettes - I don't like their exterior styling, and I think their interiors are garbage. The C6 is definately an improvement in all respects, but I am still not a fan. The more amazing cars I would list ahead of the Zo6 - Maserati Quattroporte (I know its not necessariy faster, but for what it is, and how it drives, its a sheer joy every time), and the car that spoiled me - Porsche 911 GT2. I realize its nowhere close in terms of price, but the one I drove had the optional ceramic brakes, and did everything like a racecar. I've never seen cars dissapear in the rearview mirror quite so fast. Oh - and I love cars so much, I went and got a job at the biggest highline dealership in Minneapolis 3 years ago.

mark said...

The one I drove

mark said...

Quattroporte advertisement I did.

Jonathan said...

The Quattroporte is a nice picture, but I couldn't get the other one or the Carrera GT to open (timed out). Can you email them to howbourgeois @ gmail.com and I can post?

I can see how driving a Carrera GT would qualify as amazing, but only a tiny fraction of the population would have that experience in a lifetime. I can agree that it would be amazing to drive a Quattroporte or Carrera GT, but in the context of most people's ability to get their hands on high-end machinery - which is not at all, something like a fast (in this case exceptional) Corvette or even a built El Camino can be life-altering.

I think the new Z06 certainly qualifies as amazing even when stacked against an extremely high level of competition - a streetable race car for $70K that will demolish almost anything sure counts in my book. For the record, here are cars I have driven I would say constitue my 'amazing' reference points:

A Porsche 993 Turbo, new in 1996 - the first car I drove over $100K. Eye-opening speed.

A twin-turbo BMW 850 - insanely overpowered giant car.

The last generation M5.

1970 El Camino SS - great fun in a straight line.

Base 1967 Camaro convetible, proving stripped cars can be fun too.

Lots of other lesser but still fun lights, Z3s, 3000GTs, Z's, Miatas, 911s, a couple of Jags and lots of BMWs and Porsches - and oddly no Corvettes! Maybe I can get someone to give me some seat time in one of those new Z06's.