Sunday, July 24, 2005

Yogurt Boy

Sometimes parents will do anything, even something a little bad to get their kid to listen. Noah has been so active lately, he hasn't wanted to eat a ton. If he's in the highchair, he'd rather look around or talk and with his bottle, he'd rather be off our laps or crawling around. We try, we try, but sometimes you just worry. So, this morning when Noah reached for my yogurt from his crib, Dad and I decided to give him a little try, hoping he would eat. Guess what!? Noah LOVES vanilla yogurt! I'll run out and buy some baby yougurt today. I just hope he doesn't think he'll always get breakfast in bed.






Laura said...

Too cute! Caitlin loves yogurt too and has since she was really little. Sometimes, it's the only way to get a dairy product into our active girl. Have fun trying different flavors with Noah. Caitlin loves blueberry! :)

Judy said...

Tyler is a yogurt hound - I just buy the "regular" vanilla yogurt for him - the kind that comes in a gallon or something obscene like that. With Travis, I started on plain yogurt, but really - who eats plain yogurt?

Glad he loved it - and the Elmo fairy is GREAT!